"A seriously fun and exciting retelling of the classic Jungle Book tale!"
- Rob Harrell (Monster on the Hill, Life of Zarf)

“Rikki breathes new life into Kipling's beloved classic, with a fresh reimagining that readers of all ages will love”
- Jonathan Winchester, Bag & Bored

"Like Rikki/Tavi himself, the Karate Petshop refused to compromise Rikki‘s identity and successfully turned a short story frequently overshadowed by The Jungle Book into a tale that rivals and may even surpass it."

- Women Write About Comics

“...the writing and the art mix perfectly to bring the journey to us.”
- Le
Ill kid, NERDSoul

"The whole thing has a fantastic energy and the story has a great mix of the plucky underdog overcoming an 
all powerful adversary that feels like it could be a movie."
- Pipedream Comics

“Kipling’s story was good back in my childhood days, and it is just as good retold today.”
- ComicWow!

“A sweet story about identity and fitting
in, caught me off guard with how touching it was.”
- Comic Plug

"...both Harper and Foltz-Gray find interesting ways to make the story their own."
- Comics Grinder

"This is a must read for any Kipling or Rikki Tikki Tavi fans out there! Even if readers are unfamiliar with the story, this is a great introduction for both children and adults. The humor is hilarious, the adventure is 
action packed, and the characters are engaging and charismatic. This is the full package, my friends!"
- Fanbase Press

Praise for Rikki


Based on the short story “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi” from Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book.

Written by Norm Harper
Artwork by Matthew Foltz-Gray
Lettering by Oceano Ransford
Cover Art by Christine Knopp


A young mongoose raised to fear mankind is separated from his burrow during a fierce storm. He awakens in a human home with no memory of who or what he is. Now, with a pair of deadly king cobras targeting his new family and his memories slowly returning, he must choose between the values of the mongoose society he was born into and the humans he has come to care for. This Eisner-nominated graphic novel includes a reprinting of the original short story by Rudyard Kipling as well as bonus art pieces by Christine Knopp, Patrick Ballesteros, and Travis Hanson.