Karate Petshop® is seeking All Ages projects to add to our library of creator owned books.

What do we want to see?
First and most importantly, you need to include a signed copy of our submission agreement (click here to download). If you don't include that, we can't look at anything else you send.

Then your submission should include:

- A cover letter that tells us about your project and about the team behind it (we can only accept submissions for projects which have a complete creative team). And don't forget your contact info.

- One page summary that gives us the broad strokes.
Title, genre, concept, and synopsis.


- At least five sequential pages of finished art.

- At least ten sequential pages of script.

Feel free to include anything else you think might win us over. Have
previous published credits or a background that makes you uniquely suited to tackle your project's story? Include a document about that. Have some market research relevant to your concept? We'll take a look.

Children's Books, Graphic Novels, One-Shot Comics, Anthologies, etc. are all fair game. Any genre, from superheroes to sci-fi to slice of life.

What do we NOT want to see?

We don't do serialized, month-to-month books at this time. Your intended final product should have a complete beginning, middle, and end between the front and back covers. Your submission can be part of a larger whole - like Star Wars or Harry Potter – as long as the piece you're submitting now is something a reader can enjoy on its own. We'll cross the sequel bridge later.

Also we're not looking for content that's R rated. Karate Petshop is in the business of creating content that grown-up geeks can share with the next generation. We realize not every geek's next generation is the same age, so we want to have books you can share with your toddler and books you can share with your teenager. Our rule of thumb is Karate Petshop books don't have to be aimed specifically at kids, but they should be something you don't need to hide from kids.

Where should you send it?
Send an e-mail to karatepetshopsubmissions@gmail.com with the subject line “Submission [Project Name]”. Attach the signed submission release form and use Dropbox, Google Drive, or a similar service for the rest of the submission materials.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for review of your submission. We can't promise we'll be able to respond to every submission, but if we like what you've sent so far we'll definitely be in touch.